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If there’s someone special in your life, take them with you. Drop hints about how it would be lovely to see the Tuscan countryside up close. Start taking short weekend trips away. Drop this site casually into mealtime conversation. (Do actually ask your partner if it’s something they’d like to do.)

Travelling is a great experience to share. Obviously, it’s great to spend time with someone you love. A long, relaxing holiday together is great, and only enhanced by the close proximity of their position just behind you on a fast bike. You’re free and carefree, just the two of you on a road to wherever you want to go, way off the beaten track if you wish it. But I’ll leave all that to you. If you’re considering travelling this way, you’re already convincing your partner to go with you, and you’ve probably travelled together already. You will be together for much of the time, so be sure you get along in enclosed spaces. It’s not like one of you can read while the other rides.

But on a more practical level, a second person can make accommodation and meals cheaper. One memory backs up another when the wine or time blurs it. Splitting food makes sense, and a baguette plus can of tuna (the backpacker’s staple diet) can work out nicely. The package satisfies two for one half-decent picnic, and no stale/messy leftovers for one person at a later date. They can shoot video or stills when your hands are at the handlebars, making great footage.

Any more practical and I’ll regret it later. Just take someone along if you can.